Slow death of "Quest and Grind"

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Slow death of "Quest and Grind"

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Dear GMs,

As you might be aware, we have hardly around 20-30 players who are active on the server (I am not sure of the exact number) but even the players who are online most of the time are just having a blast in C3 parties while the panners and hunters do all the work. Although I am no one to complain about their way of levelling up, it just makes me sad that the golden days when players on every map were questing hard. Maybe the times have changed, but C3 parties have robbed the game's very essence. I know that many players are still questing but it gets exceptionally hard as the others reach a high level in a short time but we are left with lore points and elemental gems. Now, I know players will ask me to join the parties myself or suggest that I might get more gameplay, but with all due respect guys, what's the fun in that? I would humbly request you to give us questing players a boost with whatever you think would be best suitable for us. My two cents? Given that we are in a festive season, please give us 2X quest exp (not EXP, just Quest Exp) as it would make more players interested in quests and fighting monsters. And the C3 hunters can get more Woonz, perhaps? (considering all the effort they put in) but that's a question for the hunters on what they need.

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Re: Slow death of "Quest and Grind"

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Good bro!
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