Special Quest 2-1

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Post by Hvzz »

guys the good news is tht premsunder has successfully dont 1st puzzle...
and i think she cn do it again in 4 or more tries....
1st time she was not able to do 2nd puzzle...,but now she cn may be..!
but keep hopes high on her ............................ :roll:
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Post by Dragonmage »

Bleh puzzles are easy its the sq thats bugged
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Post by Nike »

Wow!! now this is a lot..

Seeming.. What if you've Max magic evasion and evasion ...
And BOR over it .. where in if u have defense around 1800... then??

Hp bar around 2.5k ....
A cynicks hit wnt be effected..

Will it??
BeaCons! :)
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Post by Marketguy »

I heard that we cannot use any skills (like HP Abs,BOR,SB etc) and cant even kill those Grinta Cynics....is that true??
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Post by Cavalarcher »

LimBoo wrote:I heard that we cannot use any skills (like HP Abs,BOR,SB etc) and cant even kill those Grinta Cynics....is that true??
Yeah... Its true... Most of the players told that...
There's just a narrow passage and that Grinta Cynic stand at the narrow passage... we cant use any skill...

ANd moreover... Grinta Cynic's attack is also high than the normal one...
which means... one shot down...

There's just one trick... that...
YOu see...
WHen we get a boss in Niff... especially archers... they drag the bosses and then run back from the narrow passage... without getting hit... that trick can be used to run away from Cynick... but... the Cynick may be quicker also... and I also heard that we have to kill that Cynick... while some says we just have to get pass away from Cynick
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Post by Dakiller »

depends on luck man!

Kudos to Prem!
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Post by Netdemona »

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Post by Kingxplode »

is this a pic of a3 india server if s thn who got aura 5?
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Post by Sunbtros »

this is a ic of nt a3 server.. n xs got aurs 5 :0
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Post by Zartha »

Guys..Guys..I hav tried doing Sq 2-1 on other erver..wid Rb 10 Aura 5 mage....And ill tell u my Experience...See...The Puzzles are cakewalk...Their blueprints can be found on any site....The main challenge cmes in the grinita cynik room..ill tell u wat..u ppl cnt even use Hp abs..Or nethng or ne skill..its nt Coz u cnt use it...U cant use the skill..coz as soon as u enter that cynik room..Ur mp bar becomes nil..No mp bar..NO skilll...simple...Nw...when we enter that room..the passage is too small..but as we move a little furthur..it opens up..we hav to cross those cyniks and go to a portal..wherein we will get jumbled parts of a painting..we hav to assemble those random parts into the correct form of the painting and as soon as we submit it..we hav to go to the little redyan and the Sq ends..And for all of ur kind info...i hav just reached as far as the Grinita room..and hav crossed hlf of it...AND the truth is..Whether it Be Evasion personified or aura 5...U Cant Tnk 2 hits of those Cyniks...Maximum 2 hits..thats it..Dats the special powers these cyniks hav..in fron of my eyes an aura 5 mage died in 2 shots..and only 1 cynik killed her... :D...So..dats it..I hope dis much will help u all :)

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