2 Vs 2 PvP Event scheduled on 21st Jan, 2024

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2 Vs 2 PvP Event scheduled on 21st Jan, 2024

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The following are the conditions for the 2 Vs 2 PVP Event scheduled to be conducted on 21st January, 2024:

  • PvP will be held for Level 165 Characters Only.
  • No unique weapons are allowed.
  • Unregistered Players will not be allowed to take part in the event.
  • All characters should be from the same town.
  • GM's will not take responsibility on players getting disconnected from server during the PvP.
  • Any disconnection regarding network issue/lag will not be entertained.
  • PvP will be on a Knockout Basis.
  • There will be no rematch once a result is announced
  • GM decision will be final.
  • Each Team will be made of 2 members each from opposite gender (one male and one female)

Players are hereby instructed to nominate their teams in the topic "PvP Nominations" only which can be accessed through this link. Registrations will close on 21st January 2024 by 1300 hrs IST.

Winning team : 1 Grace of Silbadu to the winning team.


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