Special Quest 2-1

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i guess eva really helps .. wenever u going for sq 1-2.. mke sure u hv lots of ore n maxed eva set.. n shift all xtra points in blood n take candies wid u..that wl hlp..:)
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from what i have heard these cynick type of things kill you in 1 shot irrespective of what lvl and stats you are
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phoenixxx wrote:from what i have heard these cynick type of things kill you in 1 shot irrespective of what lvl and stats you are
Think someone had posted screens and a link of a guide to doing this off a3 genesis (i think) Form the screenshots, you can see that its an aura mage and she seems to have taken a hit from the cyniks, bringing down her hp to 30% (if i remember correctly)

Iska matlab ki some really high leveller can possibly take 1 hit and still continue - uske upar phir kitna HP refill kar sakta hai aur kitna crit tha woh hit ke updar depend karta hai.

In short, with a sufficient def, it seems taking a hit is possible.
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Re: Special Quest 2-1

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Someone had questions regarding this at YouTube so here are some facts which are mentioned as orderly as quest will proceed.

You need some luck for this or a stable broadband with more importantly some IQ + high refresh rate display for which I will recommend 144hz <1ms response time (for Cynick walk).

1. Collect quest items "dagger and ring" in the given time frame.**
2. Search for secret way "Rubela sign".**
3. Complete the "Rubela's puzzle" within the given time.**
4. Complete "Chineese checkers" in given seconds.**
5. Dodge "Cynick" and at the same time collect "Mural orderly".**
6. Collect all the 8 Mural and place them in accordingly.**
7. Now the player and the team will be teleported to whole new room where Redyan will reveal her true identity.
And there then special quest will be marked as completed.

**Please note :- if one fails to perform up above SQ will be ended as in incomplete. Also remember time is crucial so one won't have much of it so spend wisely.
IMPORTANT: SQ enables player presence is more important then other three.
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