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Whats happening now... and what should start soon
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Read this before you post in this section

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Announcements about upcoming events and contests will be posted in this section.
Please do not expect any verbal response from Gm’s here but all these inputs will be duly noted by them.
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LOLZ read this

Post by Dairymilk »

hey Gms can u post that my match wuth whom....????????????
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really upset with GMs

Post by Ssjgotega »

in your post u have written that we can post grivences also!!!
i play a3 from a sify game drome
deadly duel2 timing for 50-59 hk was 12-12.10pm on 22nd march i.e on the day when HOLI is play all over the country.
can u tell me a single cafe in your area or anyones area where the cybercafes were opened by 12noon
this event was only for those having net connections at there residence rest all playes were put aside who all play from cyber cafes
is'nt that partiallity
more ever wen i tried to pm gmstorm on this he banned my chat for 1 hr
is that u call a free and fair server
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