gm liars

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gm liars

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gm is liar he told me we will give only 2 (2x) pin to Nakali and Xoaid on 15th dec to nakli & 24th dec to xoaid and now he says they cant gv. wtf is this man so sad liar gm . we dont want your pin now keep that with you. if u cant afford to rewrd a pin fr winner who already buy pin thrice 7day pins for ur so called regular weekly event which took whole month. and good level of management (Sinking Ship). this server is shit i thought gm dont lie but they are liar.

A3india is like only buy pin and waste ur time and money . gm dont bother even if we are their customer. Customer is god you dont know? who care now . dnt want ur pin keep with u.

check screnshot this both gm liar

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