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A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:07 pm
by Spyda
Hello everyone and respected management authorities.

Recently I feel even after repeated efforts from GMs, the game is becoming monotonous and slowly
without new updates people are coming less online.,I have a few Suggestions with the intent of bringing back fun
and excitement back in game.

First Suggestion the aura power play is interesting and wars are fun. But, without skill cool downs, wars have
become boring with HK razbadging a player continuously and everyone hitting that particular player
who eventually gets killed. If skill cool down is implemented, continuously razzing can be avoided and
the same way dispel skills should have cool own making the gameplay interesting. Players have to use
the skills properly with prior thinking.

Second Suggestion like most people spam skills, few players spam TP using the mouse keys Courtesy recent gaming mouses. Now if Esteemed GMs can add a rate limiting to the TP use to prevent automatic TP abuse inside a map for a fixed period of time. As far as my knowledge no one needs to tps more than 5 times in a minute or you do not press f8 more than 5-6 times for going to town.
[Many will defend this point by saying that they click tp icon spamming down in the taskbar of the game
but let me tell you beforehand that you can either freewill yourself or press the tp icon yourself. A
player cannot do both the things simultaneously.]

Third suggestion a different map with limited entry and exit. Some players even use a separate system nearby
with entering their id and password beforehand to reconnect from the game when in trouble. The best
example being Mirch. However, he still dies but 7 times out of 10 he escapes.
If GMs can make a separate map in which you can enter once or the map entry is opened in intervals after every 15mins will be great.

HK reverse curse skill is not being used in A3 India since a long long time. Entry and exit
restrictions will force the player not to rc, die and again revive and fight with his team.
Fourth, as I strongly believe war is not only the fun part in the game, hunting of monsters and bosses
should be an attractive pull point for all..
IGN - Spyda
IGKH – Fellowship
Khula Saand hu, sabko bhagata hu !!!

Re: A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:08 pm
by Spyda
NO flaming allowed If good suggestions kindly post otherwise you are excused ..

Re: A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:46 pm
by Xnxxkghjfd
Good suggestions by Spyda. All the suggestions are good but lets think twice about skill cooldowns and not make India ditto copy of mania.
Skill cooldowns will ruin pvp once n for all. Its a 1x server. We cannot even do bossing perfectly after skill cooldowns. Moreover, no more c3 parties.
Instead of more innovative stuffs, let A3 India be original and GMs should work on episode 4, unique skills, new maps and soul drop instead of these creative ideas which ruin the game.

Re: A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:21 pm
by Bossqueen
More than gameplay change; change in outlook towards A3 India is the need of the hour.. Untill GMs run A3 India with regular updates and events nothing will change. A3 Mania is running perfectly fine with events and active participation. A3 India is like a side step brother who is seldom paid attention.For instance 2 years back before Imprisoned soul event, A3 was dull and dead like today. Then, GMs planned a fabulous event and everyone was back to game. Thus, good and regular events always work for the betterment of the server. GM tells no people are online for good events, I say all are waiting to come online in anticipation of good events.For ex. give an event like who can be fastest nonaura - a1 with nice reward.. that will motivate me and I will become a1 too :P...Spyda bro I am not flaming but just stating that events > gameplay change for a server like A3 India ! Cheers bro..

Re: A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:19 am
by Zaira
I genuinely feel you should think a lot about asking for cooldowns. Such a thing was implemented in A3Mania without any consideration to the player or without any consultation from players side.

PvP, bossing, levelling, events - all what you can think of is highly affected. You should give A3Mania a shot and see how people are playing for the mere sake of A3 and do not have any connection with this game in any manner you can think of. What I want to say is, it will change people perceive A3 India, it's the original one, so let it stay as such. By that time you will clearly understand why is it better to not have cooldowns in the first place.

Re: A Gameplay change in A3 india is the need of the hour....

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:38 am
by Zaira
Things that players should be asking for would be
• better graphics - we know it is bad. I do believe the management of A3India won't have enough manpower to do so, but still it's a suggestion.
• Introduction to eshop - I have had multiple encounters with RC Dealers and such dealers always find someone to sell or scam someone. This happens due to the sole reason that the server has no website or portal where a player can purchase items or kits. If we have one, it will make things better. With many players willing to put money into it.
• A3 India Pin revision - I am not saying the pin is the problem. I am saying it sure as hell blocks enthusiastic players from playing. People have the pins now and play are here for levelling or bossing, wars now just seem to be for the aura. My point is that the server needs a lot of players. This can be done by revising the PIN system. If pin can be given to people upon completion of a quest or series quest, this will make people more tempted to complete the quest asap inorder to get the pin for the next month. People who fail to do so would need to purchase it nonetheless.

You can think of a highly popular mobile game PUBG, where in once you purchase the elite pack and then level till 100, you get enough cash to purchase the next elite pass for the next season. Here in the case of A3India it can be the quest, upon completion of which one would get a pin.
• Introducing voice interaction- creating a discord server or building voice interface into the game would make things better. (Just a suggestion)
• Event Bot - creation of a bot with random event algorithm so that aura, non aura, newbies and pro folks can enjoy game rather than leech or just make wz. The management has been lazy for the most past. Helping players with this will surely be beneficial.

Providing suggestions should mean a new addition to the already existing premises of the game. Events, bots, voice interaction, the pin system are external things that can be looked upon and proper changes/alteration, or new additions can be made.

When the internal or core settings of a game are changed, it does more harm than it does good.