Event: Brave Heart

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Event: Brave Heart

Post by Eventgm » Sun Jul 28, 2019 1:41 pm

Dear Gamers,

We accept we have been inactive for some time, but it is for the greater good of the community. You shall appreciate of the fact that we have been working on some surprising updates and the same shall be rolled in few days. As promised the "Free PK" event which was scheduled on 27th July and 28th July would not go as per organised schedule because of some technical implementations in game. We apologize for the same and the following are the modifications in the event:

1. Players will be given an announcement to gather in their respective towns/a separate map in which players have to click on an NPC only to be teleported to the event map.

2. No players can see their opponents or their chats. No party/support requests can be made before and after entering the event map.

3. You need to kill your opponents for which you will be awarded some points. There will be a monster which shall spawn randomly and try to kill the players. Killing that monster may give you 3X points but we suggest you to "Ignore the Beast" as it has a good attack.

4. Players who are killed will be penalized with negative points and the opponent who got the kill will be awarded exactly double the points that have been penalized to the former.

5. The NPC will be active for the whole duration of the event and players can come back again after dieing to regain the points by killing others. Any player found cheating in the game by dieing intentionally and helping others will be disqualified and shall receive an in-game penalty.

6. The event has been renamed as the "BRAVE HEART" and the poster shall be released shortly.


Aura Category : A Lvl 12 G9 Unique of Player's Choice (for a period of one Lunar Quarter as per Hellmarsh's Calendar)

Non Aura Category : A Lvl 12 G8 Unique of Player's Choice (for a period of one Lunar Quarter as per Hellmarsh's Calendar).

Timings : 15th August 2019 (A Small Correction)

All gamers will be compensated with a "QUEST EXPERIENCE" Event today i.e on 28th July 2019.

Players can suggest modifications. Flamers keep away.

Best Regards,

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Re: Event: Brave Heart

Post by Bossqueen » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:30 pm

Dear Gamemasters,
It’s nice to finally see you back after a long gap of in-activeness. I went through the rules and idea of the event and here is my take of some of the modifications which can be made.

A) You cannot avoid cheating to take place in this event. Characters will die intentionally even if the opponents cannot seen like in TOD event. It’s very easy to skype and understand the pattern and recognize one’s group members. You can apply few mechanisms like killing same town player will give you 1x point and killing other town member will give you 2x/3x point, the competitive spirit remains. Another way is to keep a cap on the number of times a player can get +ve point from another player i.e. X can kill Y 10 times but he will get only points for 3 kills, thus a player can get maximum 3 points from killing another player. This again will ensure people engaging pk with different players/classes and scope of cheating gets reduced.

B) The rewards seem over appropriate. Winner can demand any unique of his choice. E.g. if a Mage wins the event, she can demand archer’s unique. Now the unique has to be shared/transferred because mage itself cannot use it. Anyways the more concerning fact is providing level 12 g8/g9 unique. Level 10+ non-dex unique can create imbalance in the server. Grahsat has 99% chance to be winner’s choice of unique, which will further be shared. Level 12 Grahsat will create ruckus in the server. Be it temoz/quanato, the other town will get de-motivated . There will be question of transparency in future arena events over sharing of unique. Even lvl12 Paum with 2x experience pin will allow players to make 20%+ in a single day, which again is unfair on the part of other fellow players.

I understand you want the players to come back to game and you need to offer something exciting. Even level 12 dex uniques are fine but non dex uniques lvl 12 in a server like A3 India spoils the balance. As we all know one lunar quarter as per Hellmarsh’s calendar is a long time, this will affect the game badly.

This is my take on the event. I made a sincere effort to help the event be better and fair. I know I do not have any chance of winning because I am still in the learning stage, but the event should be fun & fair and for the overall good of the community.

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Re: Event: Brave Heart

Post by Xnxxadsa » Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:02 pm

Eventgm dude give some update. Don't just be mum and delay the events as usual. The way you handle events is just not up-to the mark. All you can do is come online, shout in-game and target us temozians for fake RC deals. EK dhang ka event toh conduct hota nahi aapse huh.

@Gmstorm Sirji with due respect, you take over and handle the issues. We recharged our accounts and come online daily for some updates but nothing. Mood kharab ho jata, dil khatta hogaya a3 ka aisa haalath dekh ke :(

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Re: Event: Brave Heart

Post by Gmstorm » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:44 pm

Event has been postponed to factor in player's suggestions and rework it.

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