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Non aura Thol Wars

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 12:16 pm
by Crystalnova
Hello Gamemasters,
@Eventgm As per analysing No. of non aura players in server.. can we have thol wars for non auras please? because every event that has happened yet was for aura only.. And i guess thol wars will be Temoz Vs Quanato kh (13 v 13) and also expecting a huge reward for winning KH leader and members though because all aura5 has g10 , 9.5uniqs bla bla. and even T/Q non auras would like to win and achieve great rewards by you ! so this event may also help new players to achieve something through a nasty fight :D . I hope GM you will take this event suggestion as Consideration so that non aura players wont loose hope and also it will be fun :)

Thank You.