3 on 3 PvP Event for Non Auras

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3 on 3 PvP Event for Non Auras

Post by Lookingmage » Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:53 pm

Hi A3 India family :)

We have had 1-1, 2-2, 4-4, 5-5, 7-7, 13-13 arena based PvP event, but we have never had 3-3.
Lately, I have seen a lot of non aura active players. It will be great if GMs could organize a 3-3 PvP event for non auras. It will be easier to make groups of 3.

Rules of the event:
  • Only Non Aura 3 Players are eligible for this Event.
  • The group of 3 people must contain each player from a different class.
  • G10 weapons, G10 armor and Unique Weapons are NOT allowed for this Event and the use of one will disqualify the whole group.
  • All the team members must have active account subscription.
  • If a player disconnects, then the group must finish the match without them.
  • If the group leader is not present during the start of the match, then the whole group is disqualified.
  • Event PvP will be Knockout basis.
  • GM’s will not take any responsibility on players getting disconnected from server at the time of PvP.
  • Any disconnection regarding network issue / lag will not be entertained.
  • Event PvP will be Knockout basis.
  • Player’s failing to report on the time allotted will be disqualified without any notice.
  • Prizes are only for Winners.
  • There will be no re-match once the result is announced.
  • GM decision will be final.

Prize Suggestions: 1 Grace, sarghis * 3.
Players with exceptional display of game play can also be rewarded by GMs :).

I hope you (GMs) like the idea and conduct this event real soon.

Players, you are also welcome to comment your views on this event.

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