Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad

Post by Lookingmage » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:03 pm

We had Suicide Squad event as a part of 2018 August calendar - ... t-calendar.

This event took place but wasn't concluded because of a few reasons. The participants thought that the event was great and it should be conducted in near future with a few well defined rules.

During Aura Power Play, 7 on 7 inside T4 is a great idea. To add to this is the element of surprise when one or the other skill gets disabled randomly.

I request the GMs to please conduct this event once again in future.

Thanks :)

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Re: Suicide Squad

Post by Anaell » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:09 pm

The main reason for less war taking place in game is Aura Power-play event. Even though Quanato have dominated it most of the time still we are not in favour of this time event for few reasons:

1) This event is only good when equal number of players are online from each side, which is very difficult. Like always, Temoz have more no. of players online and everyone wants to participate in wars so this is the main reason why wars are not happening like before. We need to wait for players to come online.
For e.g. previously even if 4 players are online from Quanato, we can form a party and fight a party of 7 opponents. Now, its just a majority game. This aura power play is a big flop. It should be conducted once a week or once a month like Suicide Squad event. Its better to open Nevia Canyon daily instead of this event.

2) All other aura players i.e(161-165) have to take a 2 hours break. C3 parties cannot be conducted, questing is not possible. Even bossing is not possible. Its like GMs are forcing us to only do wars from 10-12 which is absurd.

Its simple logic ! People wont come online or participate in wars untill both sides are equal for aura power play event. Thus, please stop this event or conduct in few selective maps.

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