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Hi GMs,

We have been playing a3india since long time and been with server in good and bad times.

From recent years we have notice that " silbadus soul " is not droped in any of the maps or from monsters as mentioned in A3 guide hosted on We understand that to maintain the server money is required and we are already paying in the form on A3 PIN and in turn we expect the tangible benefits.

Nor there is any reasonable way of making weapons to level 15 even with enchanter 6 chars.

If GM's are unable to provide the benefits reason being any e.g NOT AWARE OF CODES TO ENABLE SOUL DROP
kindly remove it from guide sections so that we don't expect it any more.

From recent pace of events e.g. " auction's of chars " it seems that server is running out FUNDS, we would be happy if server launches " e-shops for weapons and armours " and let us contribute to maintain it besides A3 PIN.

We expect a timely reply.

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Thank you for bringing it to our notice but please do note that Silbadu soul drop rate is very much active. Last time when it was dropped in Spatokia, we had to bear the brunt from players who commented that the soul had dropped to a GM character and/or it was drop picked and so on. Hence, we have brought an update where all unique item drops would be shown in a separate menu and drop picks won't be displayed. Even some people comment that GM has removed drop rate from a specific player/group of players and unique drops are only set to certain group of players only. I don't understand why some gamers miss the basic fundamental that drop rates are random and they cannot be modified to restrict a specific player from getting it . We have even tried increasing the drop rate of soul by a random percentage and the result was "Lookingmage got the drop twice immediately from God Boss but none of the players in the party noticed it". We had no other choice but to revert the changes and keep it as is.

Anyways coming to the point many players have approached us that the drop rate is low and they get nothing from killing bosses, participating in events and/or doing quests. Hence, we have introduced the Contribution Points system from which players will be able to buy premium items from game which includes "Weapon Reform Stone". I won't be disclosing the secret now but stay tuned for something astonishing to be introduced very soon.

PS: Let us not flame on this topic and stick to the betterment of the server.
Best Regards,