Are we?

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Are we?

Post by Pishogue »

Dear patrons,

Greetings for the day!

We have been waiting for a long for any updates and balance in game that was before "sify days". And his is not even also an offical server, but yeah.. they are doing their best to get updates ASAP,
but as I/we are losing interest in the game day by day as if we don't get that good and enough service as we should get at such price. Pricing is the issue I deliberately say it, the time we spend here is the love for the game and we wanna be close to the once who we met decades ago, but this is all going in blur or vain as my KH (clan, inside game) pals has been old for the game and don't want to invest their time in such which has such a slow rate of development.

I know you guys "game developers" do not have enough time for your game life and for this game server and it's development but you have to choose.
It's a tough choice for use too just close the server or just add a bot/script/something which gives a random events on a particular Holidays (Saturday, and Sunday) or thrice a month despite of any special day (e.g. Independence day, etc..).

I definitely love the game and also encourage more people but the result is I make fool of myself in the people whome I manage to bring to the game.

My main concern is just manage or get it managed not perfectly but effectively.
Or just lock it.

Warm regards

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Re: Are we?

Post by Aliva »

Thanks for making this post. This absolutely sums up the present scenario of A3 India. We all love this game and thus spend our valuable time into it but the management team is not at all concerned about this. They are always of the opinion that they are doing us a favour by keeping the game alive, which shows their attitude towards fellow gamers.

I don’t want to flame the topic but with a heavy heart just see the status of the server:
a) Screenshot of the month is last updated for September 2018. You do not even have time or the intention to upload the pic and reward the winner 1 week A3 Pin.
b) They uploaded a new map “Thrymgjor’s Cave” with so much buzz and guess what they don’t let Thrymgjor to even spawn, scared if someone might kill and get a soul drop. What a joke.
c) After Feb 2019, the website page was uploaded recently, that too events didn’t take place as planned.
d) Economy of the server is at mess. Even lugg staff cannot be sold @ 200mill only. Not because there is no demand but because there is no wz. Drop rate is so bad.
e) Nobody gets a soul in 2 years except Mirch/Lovelyrose/Lookingmage. Which we recently found out via wtsapp group and chats that they purchased in RC deals.

Few Suggestions:

A) Make Grayborn map a separate map with direct acces from teleport. New location for aura wars will be fun and exciting. The map is big enough with corners for war and gameplay.
B) If aura’s are not coming online, plan a big group event for non-aura because they are actively playing everyday. E.g. Non-aura KH wars or TOD for non-aura.
C) Do not focus on solo events. Group events are more fun and meaningful because as mentioned above we play with friends and in clan.
D) Open Nevia Canyon always, helping everyone to make wz.
E) Reward lvl 10+ g9/g10 weapons. Nowadays we do not see people using G10 weapons. Nobody is even trying to make lvl 11 weapons.

What I can assure you is if Gamemasters are active for even 2 days, more than half of the last year’s population will be back to game. We want fair, active, entertaining GMs who is not afraid to reward the players and make them happy.

Warm Regards

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