temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Gdmang »

Gmstorm wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:53 pm
We don't ban characters on the basis of screenshots for these kind of issues. The game servers are equipped with a hack detection system which detects and issues automatic account bans. The system will monitor for unusual patterns in the game and detect hacks based on a set criteria and some external parameters like connection quality, packet loss and latency. Any action either voluntary or involuntary is classified as a hack if it gives you an unfair advantage over others. We have improved the system to issue more strict bans in the recent server update. This is the reason why there were more than 15 accounts automatically banned due to detection by the system for various reasons and not through some reported screenshots.

We have also implemented a rate limited algorithm for potting which will restrict unusually high amount of potting requests which are generally a result of using a Third party software or a gaming mouse with macro keys. I am sure many players are already aware of this change which was not publicly posted in the changelog because it was an internal confidential update to the core game systems. So these kind of potting software are actually useless since you can't excessively pot over a certain threshold which keeps changing.

Please don't disregard forum etiquette. It's important for players to emphasize on posting manners in a public forum like this where everyone can read everyone else's posts. Please keep it civil and organized.
Well said Storm but some retards never understand. Now again they will start GMs are biased we will leave server. ROFLMAO

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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Spyda »

@ Gmstorm ty for updates ...
We are all adults i believe lets behave thus by acting civilized stop the abuses and carry on ...
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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Sizzzler »

Gmstorm 👍

@Gdmang GMs are not biased. We believe Gmstorm’s each word and highly respect his reply. For the fact, we still play A3 India and not any other server is because of the best Gamemasters and unbiasedness.

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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Violaa »

Sizzzler wrote:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:22 pm
so big wannabes n losers.. without the correct info U guys posted just shows that Gdmang screenshot was correct n U guys used the potter..

Sizzzler is a c3 made char.. I dont have 10k lore since last 3 years lol.. anyways I dont care if you get banned or not.. The truth will prevail, you guys use unfair means and still get fcked inside out ✌️👍..

Remember my name.. Yess U scream it daily nuub !
Sizzzler wrote:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:45 pm
I am happy U posted this..

First of all you are a *censored**od hehe 🤗

Second sizzzler lore aint the same so its a photoshopped stuff

Third Arrowers has been banned by GMs for the use of same stuff..

Fourth, I am not uneducated lyk U.. I deal with cun*ta like you daily.. so stop being obsessed abt me.. Someday U guys can be like me, someday.

<3 Zed !
Spyda wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:56 pm
If the SS provided is fake Gd doesn't need to explain his innocence ..
@Spyda.. This explains a lot why Sizzzler gave an explanation.
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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Gmstorm »

The fact that we have proactively implemented potting restrictions and improved hack detection without any reports from the players or even informing as a matter of fact, highlights our commitment towards the game and it's well being. I might not be online all the time in the game, but we are working behind the scenes on every small issue and monitoring everything to ensure smooth gaming experience to every player.

A3 India is the largest, oldest and most efficient game and this requires the sheer dedication of the GMs, Support Team, Guidefury, EventGms and the players alike. Our team is the most competent and experienced when it comes to handing the game with over 13 years of experience under our belt. Players need not worry about these kind of issues and focus on extracting fun out of the game. We will take care of the rest :)

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Re: temoz ka pent khul gaye - autopotter chi salaa !

Post by Sexymunni »

Dear all,
No one could question the dedication and generosity you have put up with the game... so kudos to you and your team.
However people have been using third party software to gain unfair advantage over other players. This is not the first time that this issue has come up and people are being detected and being penalised for the same.
A lot of negativity also came up when people were caught red handed and then they either abuse others or try to prove that the screenshot were either edited and / or is fake. I am sure the protocols are in place and the system surely detects people using 3rd party software.
In the end all we need is a game where such players be penalised and actions are taken against them.
We look up to you and await justice.
Thanking you,

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