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A Honest Post Expecting a Honest Reply

Post by Narenhunter »

Dear GM's,

First of all i am a fan of A3 India and have started playing from last 6 months and feels good to be a part of the family.
I would like to know few things we all spent time in leveling the characters but we all know now a days players active and playing in server are few to count.Please answer my few questions

1)Any changes or updates coming(If yes then when) because calendar is also still updated from February.
2)Drop rates is a serious issue as your events of 2x wz and drop is waste,we all know there is no drop improvement during this event
3)Please do something to bring players back in action as no fun left now a days war also rare of temoz and quanto :)
4)If u guys keep on bringing some exciting updates and events it keep us motivating to progress and play the game.

Please do take some time to revert and let us know you all doing something to tackle the above issue and new events.

Thanks & Regards

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