Inappropriate Ban

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Inappropriate Ban

Post by Brahmastra »

Hello Everyone,

GMs have introduced a new ban bot system in-game. Characters who abuse are temporarily banned. Yesterday they banned Pornika (my a5 archer) for a period of 10 days stating i abused.

It's okay, i appreciate GMs finally taking some steps to stop abuse in-game after the so called Bugger gang have already ruined trhe server's atmosphere. But i am here to let everyone know and ask Gamemasters that why was no Ban issued to Ruthlessrock who abused me before i did ? Guidefury says just because he abused after i enticed him, they let go of him. So only the first person to abuse is not liable for action? Is he a kid that he'd get enticed on my shout?

Chat history :-
Ruthlessrock = muh me le mera
Pornika = muh me le mera bada hai.

now who's at fault?

Rules should be fair for all. I accept my mistake and i am ready to face ban, but what about the other person who abused me before i did? Stop being partial to one group (Hawkeye n gang). The whole server is fed up of it.

Thank you.
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Re: Inappropriate Ban

Post by Govtofindia »

Check Above
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Re: Inappropriate Ban

Post by Diablodjin »

they are always biased towards one group of people. they are tweaking this game as per there benefit. those who do not fall in line they get temporary or permanent ban.
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