Knighthoods Challenge - Finals Result

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Knighthoods Challenge - Finals Result

Post by Gmstorm »

Winner - LoL - Leader Name - Xplode
Reward - 250 Mill Woonz and Tholl Outfit

1st Runner-Up - Gravehoax - Leader Name - Desertghost
Reward - 150 Mill woonz and Ertakin Outfit.
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Post by Bloopers »

Heartly Congradulations To Xplode my dream Mage Is Winner and You deserve been Queen of A3.

Congrats dearest Desertghost.. I am feeling soo happy about you too..

Its Soo nice to see you both WIN..

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Post by Cavalarcher »

Congo Xplode for winning. Hav fun wid Tholl's outfit and enjoy 250 mil wz
Congo DG for runner up. Hav fun wid Ertakin's outfit and enjoy 150 mil wz
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