Event Lined up for the month of July 2007

Whats happening now... and what should start soon
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Event Lined up for the month of July 2007

Post by Gmdiablo »

Spies at War
Read More - http://forum.a3india.com/viewtopic.php?t=7809

10-July-2007 to 17-July-2007
Tuesday to Tuesday
Zeams: Knights of Immortality
Read More - http://forum.a3india.com/viewtopic.php?t=7796

Nevia Town Wars
Info about this event will be announced soon.

21-July-2007 & 22-July-2007
KH Wars
28-July-2007 & 29-July-2007
KH Wars
Read More - http://a3india.com/new/event_fullstory.php?id=96
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Post by Zade »

Zeams Kinghts of Imortality will be for 1 week kya? :shock:

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Post by Devlish »

:evil: where is the "Tower of desire event"?
No TOD event this month :twisted:
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Post by Krista »

Sad...i thought tower of desire is a weekly event!
or sas tht the last of the tower we gonna see?? pls reply
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