KH War’s Postponed to Wednesday 17 2006

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KH War’s Postponed to Wednesday 17 2006

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KH War's will start at 5pm. on Wednesday 17 2006.
Players are asked to come on time as mentioned in the time slots.
Those who fail to come on time will be considered to have forfeited their match.
Time slots are as below

1st Round:::
Alexsana VS Antidote :: 5pm to 6pm
Cyberdevil VS Jaxdude :: 5pm t0 6pm
Knightrocks VS Linainverse :: 5pm to 6pm
Megika VS Mutant :: 5pm to pm
Powrmage VS Prometheus :: 5pm to 6pm
Strogmage VS Yano :: 5pm to 6pm
Wakiza VS Nike :: 5pm to 6pm
Yufa Gets to move to 2nd round directly.

semi finals:::
Will start at 7pm.

Finals will start at 8pm.

Prizes wil be be given on thursday by GM's at 5.00 PM.
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