Events discussion

Whats happening now... and what should start soon
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i m really upset from GMs attitude

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in your post u have written that we can post grivences also!!!
i play a3 from a sify game drome
deadly duel2 timing for 50-59 hk was 12-12.10pm on 22nd march i.e on the day when HOLI is play all over the country.
can u tell me a single cafe in your area or anyones area where the cybercafes were opened by 12noon
this event was only for those having net connections at there residence rest all playes were put aside who all play from cyber cafes
is'nt that partiallity
more ever wen i tried to pm gmstorm on this he banned my chat for 1 hr
is that u call a free and fair server??????

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new event

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sir as u know there is again a shortage of saving scrolls.....why not organize a event every month..on the which players can get a max of 5x exp event for 10mins...and get at least 3 saving scrolls as gifts from guides and game masters..the event might be a surprise event.......then it will make a3 a lot more interesting and per i think... :oops:

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There is a quest for saving scrolls :| In case you did not know.
And as far as the exp event is considered, it is good. because 1 quest may not make a difference. But when u make a whole level up then 10% is the bonus exp. That is, if you level for 90% u will get level up. @ higher level this event did make a difference. :?

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please guides we need double quest xp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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sucess wrote:please guides we need double quest xp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
y ru upto jq kya??
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hi guides..
plz do sm events na..
wid out events a3 is boring... n all ppl r lossing interest in a3.. so we all request u to do sm events like.... nevia.. kh wars .... deadly duel....boss hunt events ...etc plz atleast do sm thing na

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hi GM

Post by Mrslangda »

i just wana say that there should be minimum 4 event in every month

and its should be done according to lvl slot..

so that players can show their potential among there lvl

and no low lvl get pissed out from high lvl

specially NEVA should be in lvl slot. now it happens that low lvl char cm to neva n die in 1shot from high lvl so unfair for them :(

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fools :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If they can manage to conduct given amount of events properly that will itself be amazing ....regardless of the history of a3 india ppl still expect it wil be this n that... make money ,cheat and scam that's what a3 india is all about.... if ne1 wanna play a3 try sm other server

Sry but whn ppl cry out fr better events n bla bla...the above fact holds truth ...isnt going to change ..nomatter what !!!

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Re: Events discussion

Post by Desmondo »

gmdiablo wrote:Hi,
Players can post there thought and there comments in this section. You can express any grievances or suggestions towards the in-game events. Please do not expect any verbal response from Gm’s here but all these inputs will be duly noted by them.
Hi there we r suffering very great lagg or even disconnection 4m the game at the event time so we r not able to utilise the events like 10x xp so plz do something so that all can utilize it

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tht both r better :P

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