Knighthood Thol Wars

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Knighthood Thol Wars

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From centuries together brave warriors have been forming Knighthoods in the towns of Quanato and Temoz. However, the citizens of the these towns now desire a strong leadership. A Knighthood Thol War is a strategic battle between two Knighthoods of roughly equal strength. Both knighthoods need to have the same amount of participants selected for the Thol war line-up to be matched against each other.

It is time for these various knighthoods to battle it out for supremacy. These events will lead to the creation of the Thol, or the supreme Knighthood. This Knighthood challenge will pit the various knighthoods in battle to decide the rulers of Temoz and Quanato. The ruling knighthoods of Temoz and Quanato will battle it out for ultimate supremacy and total authority over Hellmarsh.

Rewards: Weapon Reform Stone to the Netran. (Please check Gmstorm weapons)

Event Date and Timings: Will be announced soon
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Re: Knighthood Thol Wars

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Kya huai event ka
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