Share your A3 Memories!

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Re: Share your A3 Memories!

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I and my brother started playing this game when I was in 8th standard. Today I am a grown up and started earning. It definitely holds a special place in our hearts.
The journey in the game had ups and downs. The first hurdle being the recharge pin. Me and my brother, both being students, didn't have a card, neither did our city have a Sify gamedrome. I remember we used to create a character, level it up till 29 and leave it there (till level 30, we didn't require PINs back then) . We somehow managed to collect some wz, offer it to someone who was ready to exchange wz for account renewal PIN. It didn't go as expected, the guy cheated. We gave the wz but didn't get a valid PIN in return. Being a young kid at that time, this incident taught me a life lesson, "do not trust everyone blindly". We didn't lose hope, somehow earned more wz and managed to get PIN from Roxana named character (I guess :P).

So, that was the life lesson. Talking about other in-game and game related stories .

1.Dangerashiq became a friend, I never had to invest anything for buying a set. 1 day i'll have a g7 lvl10 set, next day i'll get a g8 30% level10 set, and after a few days back to g7. Things used to come and go :P.
2.We leveled Lookingmage in parties at C1, Carode, S1, R4, Tao. That was fun. Mob and kill. Nothing could beat that fun.
3.Made the character 140 level somehow, started questing at T1 - 2 creeps in the room and 1 above the ramp, mages who have done T1 Quest, will remember the place am talking about :).
4.I remember there was 1 day in between when a character came and pinged Dangerashiq and said he will make anything level10 that is given to him. The offer was exclusively for Dangerashiq. That was the day when all kits became level10, be it g7/g8/g9 any class :)
5.We decided to make Lookingmage aura. So, Dangerashiq, yet again, said he will arrange a Paum. To my surprise, the Paum that he got was 30% mounted (god knows how :P).
6.Journey from 160 to 161 was tough. We had made lookingmage g9, it had good damage but no defense. Back then mages used to be G8 till aura1 at least. Then magically after becoming aura1, they used to get Paum :P.
My internet connection was poor. So I started panning Lookingmage for T2 Q, and guess who used to hunt.. Mohit aka Dangerashiq :P .Slowly and steadily, finally made Lookingmage aura1.
7.During this time around, there was an event, in which Lookingmage received level15 Paum as a gift for a few days. That was the day, I received so many phone calls. People offering cash/wz in exchange of that level15 Paum. But I was not ready to share that weapon at any cost.
8.So..Lookingmage was aura1,we thought aura1 is enough and we'll take it slow from here. Then came new year's eve. That full night, there was a 10x exp event. The whole night, we did quests and made some 50% exp :).
9.In the last several days of sify era in Nevia canyon, there was a warrior character called - Senouske, I started hitting him but was getting 0s. I pinged him and asked what's going on buddy. It turns out that he was some ex-GM. He gave me "Invincible mode" and took me and a couple of other people for bossing, we even killed Ranias that day. Later he gifted me redyan necklace and redyan ring.
10.The rumour of A3-India getting shut turned out to be true. I felt very sad that day, this game had a special place in my heart.
I started playing a3 mania but it didn't have the feel which a3-india did.
Thanks to whosoever managed to bring this server live.
11.A3-India reopened, Bhavik(old Firemet) and I had become very good friends because of A3-Mania.
Fun-fact: My brother got a job in Mumbai, I being better friends with Bhavik told him that my brother will be coming to Mumbai. My brother Ankit and Bhavik became really nice friends and even lived together in the same flat for quite a while(this isn't a gay love story, both of them are married now :P). My in game friends from Mumbai - Bhavik, Ritesh, Satish(old Iyane), Mayur, Ghosh, Manoj, Piyush etc. became my brother's "Real" life friends.
12.This server started with a bang, almost every sify player returned. Slowly and steadily Lookingmage became aura5. I witnessed the first aura5 archer - Fireall (Ashwin). That was beyond our imagination. Aura5 archer was savage.
People realized that characters other than mages could also become aura5. Now the server has over 30-40 aura5 characters.
13.Going back to a few days, Lookingmage won G9.5 Dex, Karooba in PvP event and then our KH - Shinigami went on to win KH war. All this was not only fun but very close to my heart. I started from no where, didn't know how to play the game, didn't know about shue, mercenary, set options,then learnt the game and the game play All these events were very special.

Thank you A3-India for making my childhood awesome. I have got some great friends for my entire lifetime. I am an introvert, quite and a shy guy. Had this game not been there, my teenage period would have been depressing (though, later the college taught me more about life).
The journey is long, it has been some 10 years now, I guess. I left the game in between, but now a days, every now and then I login once. Every second spent playing this game is cherished :)

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Re: Share your A3 Memories!

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GmStrom, I Love you.... Muaaah... hehe

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A3 almost years

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Hi A3 India,,,

I am from Singapore, so happen to found A3 India after Singapore server had closed down. Back then the server were very packed with players and almost PK here and there every time.. I played almost 8 hours everyday and played over night during Saturday.. In Singapore servers my level was 165 if I remember,, using mage.. with full unique G10.. haha.. Now come to India server I had to start with lvl 1 again....

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Re: Share your A3 Memories!

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Can we please conclude this event?

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Re: Share your A3 Memories!

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GMs concluded this event.
They came online and announced me as the winner. Gmstorm even gave GOS as the reward.
Thankyou !

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