Event's Scheduled for the month of June 2008

Whats happening now... and what should start soon
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Event's Scheduled for the month of June 2008

Post by Gmstorm »

8th June 2008
Nevia Town Wars - [Know More]

9th June to 15th June 2008
Summer Special I - [Know More]

16th June 2008 to 22nd June 2008
Summer Special II - [Know More]

23rd June 2008 to 29th June 2008
Summer Special III - [Know More]
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Post by Brillantboy »


i will not be here....
i am going to london...
gm's plzzzzz dont gv a good event
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Post by Gamerhere »

post screenshot of ticket and visa also na
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Post by Sexxxy »

IMBA event thnx a lot GM's and make events like this for players satisfaction :P
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Post by Merlin »

Hi Gmstrom
Dude these summer special events are really sad
Plz giv any other good bossing n adventurous event atleast in the next month plzzzzzzzz :cry: :cry: :cry:
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To GM storm sir

Post by Ostrickk »

sir ya this event is not rocking.........pls sir giv a good bossing event or 10 mins 10X exp event.weeeeeee :o
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Post by Samangel »

10% is n00b! :o)

Any how, it's better than nothing I guess..

Should'nt we be starting Monsoon Specials sometime?
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Post by Memoramaster »

ya monsoon spl will be gr8 there should rainin sm maps randomly which ggives 2x exp until the rain stops

(may vary)

reply gms
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