Q's frm 120+

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Q's frm 120+

Post by dudeeezzz »

Some one help me. M a warr just reached 121 so s1, r4 gone :( :lol:
Ok so i saw the available q's nd there are :
s2, c3, syvave - well for sm reason i still cant easily hunt in these maps as i could suppose when i started s1 q. my hp cms 0 remarkably fast :? nd although c3 hunting is easier but still cynick kiss is there :roll:
Niflgarr, , s3 , s4- and then hw can i even think of doing q's in these !!?? :? :x
So that leaves lunitas q starting frm noob maps :!: :evil:
Sm 1 plz say wht d helll to do :?: :roll:
& wht is tht artery q ever1 does ? who givs ? :oops: :lol:

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Post by Holypunch »

the artery q comes @ 124 and is given by Ardour(Hatrel Teleporter)..

nd 2 lvl up till 124 u shud try 2 go in parties(den p2 tao or pan parties of t1/t2) if not do q :|

and if uve got extra wz go 2 c3 in pan parties .
nothin else that i know of :P

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Post by Cavalarcher »

HolyPunch wrote:the artery q comes @ 124 and is given by Ardour(Hatrel Teleporter)..
Artery is given by Kinstone (Temoz) and Linsen (Quanato)
What u saying about Ardour... I dont have any idea about that...
But mostly Temoz ppl take artery Quest wid Kinstone...
And Quanato ppl take artery Quest wid Linsen...
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Post by Ahtnaver »

the artery quest ( a.k.a. jq ) is available from lvl 124 to 128 . while the town teleporters ( linsen & kinstone ) give 1,000,000 xp ( basic ) , ardour also gives the same quest but only gives 250,000 xp ( not sure about the exact xp ).
try the cynik quest from the armoury and use your merc in " v " mode to kill the cyniks i.e. if u have a decent level merc ( 1 shot kill ) .
syvave quests are good but the syvave creeps deplete your hp very quickly ( even a g8 swordie with BOR finds it hard in the beginning stages ).
try a few qsts in different maps or go in c3 taxi parties .
later . . .
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Post by Netdemona »

You could try the P1 quest from armory.

Its titled 'Thing about larcs' ... by kaduru (dont know abt yarrmo).
The quest is easy with freeze, quest drops are sexy and you get G6 and G7 drops pretty easily.

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Post by Technokid »

i guess this guy needs help from a pro warrior .. aka its me TECHNOKID :P

well dude if ua re 121 .. then i suggest do .. oil series (from adell hatrel healper npc).. being a warrior .. u can finish that series till last part i.e 45 kills of esbrekers ..

svyave and tao makes u rich and gives u very fast lvl up's .. use ur freeze sensible and u can enjoy tao alot .. i have collected 2 g8 weapons .. sms .. uj's .. sj's .. 1 garnet .. g8 armour parts and g7 armours .. from svyave and tao .. it makes u rich and it gives u very good exp .. .. u will be amazed to see the exp u will get from this series .. TATA have fun

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Post by Yahma »

Well...121 lvl warrior !!

Hmm....Fast And easy lvling...If u dnt have any problem in getting leech ..

stand @ ardour For 5 mints..

u will get hell offer's for tao ,p2,den !! be cool in freezng and u wont lose Any % ...and u will gain like hell.

In qsting matter ...

If u hv SS ...so try syvave oil qst..
Else S2 is best for warrior if u get decent set....many boss opportunty.

i wont prefer u c3 as these days it's full of mages and pan parties...more chance of gettng pkd ..

So try wht u feel like doing

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Post by Hjkkhjkhj »

Well i think its true, warriors find it hard at this lvl dunno y, hks can stay longest.
Like techno said use freeze or ne good skill wisely and u cn bring out the best frm warrior; always let ur mp reach 0 b4 ur hp! :D
So @ 121 you should try p1 q's or i what i did by Wilter proof from s1 & s2, but yeah leveling is slow, so if u want phast phast lvl go to p2,den,tao etc parties nd shw ur freezing skills 8)
Or i went in sm c3 parties of d highest lvl mages :shock: 8), it takes wz but hey its fastest lvling :P
Then @ 124 get into serious questing frm teleporterNPC with artery q; i got 1 lvl 1 day easily with it :twisted:
Nd after artery finishes onto g9 nd a new chapter in game... :wink:
good luck :)

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