Mounted G9 ???

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Mounted G9 ???

Post by Yahma »

Guy's i saw ...mounted G9 spear...

can any 1 tell how we can mount G9????

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Post by Chorbazaarr »

There is no way to get mounting option on g9+ items though we can still get them from GMs through ingame events . There are many other g9 wpns mounted as well like 30% g9 warr sword, axe etc

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Post by Technokid »

there is no known ... g9 mounting combination .. may be there is some hidden .. why dont u make 20-30 g9 weapons and try mounting them?

i hope u will be succesfull :P

but yes there are few mounted weapons on server ... given by Gm's during events ..

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Post by Cavalarcher »

Agree wid both Abhi and Techno !!!
Remember an event called "Circle of Deception" (2007)
1 Mage got a mounted Tampys by Gms in that event
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Post by Mandir »

Mounted Tampys....slicke'

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