G9 Unique Weapon Crafting Guide

Heres where to look out for some of the advanced guides etc...
We'll keep updating them as soon as we can.
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Craft Success if 2% by default. Then the other depends on your passives and your bases..

I like the fact that people are failing to craft it ... that way atleast not every tom dick and harry would end up having g9 unique weapons ....
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Omg :shock: gm re u r confusing me i cant read this stuff la the best thing is tooo find sm good stuff :roll:

If i read all this then it would take years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

:roll: :cry: Omg :shock: :(

Nthing but this is saddddddddd
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S>> DTU :)

FuLL SpeeD RasH SurViVaL...!!!!
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