Drop rates. What and how.

Heres where to look out for some of the advanced guides etc...
We'll keep updating them as soon as we can.
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how do u guys got to kno abt these?? :?:

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2 saal se ham log sab yahi to kar rahe hain
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Hi GM, I do agree with the answer, but how can you explain that on particular days, all of A3 complain of suckie drop rates. If it happens with one single player, then I can assume that what you say is true, but I cant accept the fact that 99.99 % players complain of the suckie drop rates from all Maps.

Well not all that is written by GM is true, no pun intended :D

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Good post GM.
Im satisfied now.
But y then private servers hav good drop rates.
Plz reply..

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