Passive skill/ mercenary skills!!! a MUST read!!

Heres where to look out for some of the advanced guides etc...
We'll keep updating them as soon as we can.
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Nice observation chief.

i'll fill the gaps u missed! 8)

They are both melee chars, so obviously they prefer range mercs

The Warrior has g10 axe and g9 equipments(probably didn't get enough grace of silbabu , i think)
helmet/gloves/boots = wolfreck
and armour/pants = jaddit

look at those HKs pants, they don't look like normal g9 mace HK pants, are they uni of some kind? :roll:

HK has g10 shield, (Grace not needed to make G10 shield)

Hmmmm, seems like Grace of silbabu is the limiting factor for g10 even at those high lvls

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, finally coming to Epi 2, when is it gonna be on this sever, tomorrow? or today? :wink:

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er the boots r jaddit dude !

here for better reference :P


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Thats another good one Ankeet. But i have moved it here for sake of classification in the forums :)


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yo dude u rock wit being a G9 spear warrior :) :) sexy set ! spear warriors are the coolest lookin ppl :) :)

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u have not mentioned about greed plz metion abouyt this passive fast 8)

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Where is the information about earty bird and greed... :x

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Why do people bump up old topics? :evil: :evil: :evil:

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