A3 India - Antzill Integration complete

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A3 India - Antzill Integration complete

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Hi All,

A3 India is now officially listed with the Antzill network. If you havent noticed already our website will now point to www.a3.antzill.com.

First off, let me tell you this is just to enhance and only enhance your A3 Gaming experience. You do not lose anything from the old site. Artworks, Trailers, Forum posts and all other content is retained.

What is Antzill network?
A gaming portal that stretches across different gaming genres and difficulty levels. Though Antzill is currently in its beta development stages there's a lot in the pipeline for you both as a plain gamer and as an exclusive A3 India player. To name a few
- Addition of fun and casual games
- Exclusive MMORPG games
- Points rewarded for activity at Antzill
- Points rewarded based on A3 Game Play
- Redemption of points for Offline as well as online gifts which may also include A3 Game time AND LOTS MORE.

Yes, As an A3 India player you automatically become part of the Antzill network and you get to avail all these benefits as and when they are implemented.

Very soon we can look forward to a lot of activity at Antzill. We promise to keep you updated with the Antzill integration so that you dont miss out on any of the fun.