New High end Gamedrome launched at Bangalore

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New High end Gamedrome launched at Bangalore

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Finally the highly equipped state of the art sify owned game parlor will be launched this weekend - 18th August 2007.

For those of you who have not been there yet here's what you guys have been missing out. The gamedrome is situated at Residency road bang opposite The Gateway hotels by Taj. If you are walking by you simply cannot miss the towering GD banner standing tall. Set at a location which is just 2 minutes away by walk from brigade road this GD has ample parking space for bikes and cars.

Enough said lets step inside this gamedrome and see if its worth the walk. Image.
(Click to enlarge)

The Gamedrome has 27 PC's in all. While 17 PC's cater to the Free for all mob 10 Exclusive PC's are set apart at the SLI Zone for the power hungry professionals. The setup is very neat with the PC's sitting no comfortaby positioned custom made furnitures and neat backdrops that prevent unnecessary glare on the screens. The ergonomic setup ensures you don't go back home with a sore back after a long A3 leveling up session.

Speaking of camping at the GD for a long time i want to mention the GD cafe. Just the quick bite into a hot samosa and a coke that you need before the CT's defuse the bomb and the round restarts. More than that the coffee shop doubles up as a cool hang out to chill off at times when you need a break from hectic gaming.

Image With Bean bags and all included the GD is sure as cozy it can get on a weekend afternoon.

Coming to the core of the GD, the computers and what they got inside, there's no doubting your gaming experience. The Battle zone as it aptly called caters to the hardcore gaming clans. The 5 on 5 setup provides the virtual battle ground for the CS and DOTA clans. Inside their cabinets you will find a AMD Athlon 3.0 Ghz Processors running with 1 GB DDR2 RAM chips and a 512 MB dual cored Nvidia graphics processor. The logitech G1 Gaming mouse and Keyboards may not be the best gaming gear out there but proves to be good at tracking and does not leave you spinning in a tight spot. The rest of the PC's are not far from the Battle zone Beasts. The other 17 are powered by the same core but with 1 GB DDR 1 ram chips and 256 MB AGP cards. All the monitors on board are 19 inch Flat screens.

But is gaming all about PC's and the internet only. Whatever happened to consoles. Nintendo's Wii happened and GD has got two Wii consoles setup exclusively for the console addicts. Wii has undoubtedly redefined gaming today and gives you the virtual reality feel of gaming. For those of you who hasn't seen what a Wii can do here's a small list of the possibilities. Swing your Wii bat and see your character hit the ball on the screen, throw punches with your Wii controller and see your character smash the opponents jaw on the screen.

All that took me a good 2 hrs to sink in. Guess its more than my money's worth at 30 bucks an hour. I suggest you guys take that 2 minute walk and see it for yourself. If you see what you like and decide to camp the night out at the GD speak to the admin and make a booking. No doubt the latest addition to our gaming cafes is all set to take the bangalore gaming scene through a storm. I only hope to see more such GD's across india :D.

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