Hacking - Some Important info

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Hacking - Some Important info

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Usual Hacking Methods:
Some common ways users are loosing their accounts and sometimes getting their items stolen or characters deleted.

Usage of accounts by more than 1 person
This is one of the most common methods of loosing an account.
Sharing of the user id and password among others leaves many possibilities of hacking.
Ensure that accounts are used only by one person.

Careless entry of userid and password at cafe while.
Be careful while entering userids and passwords in crowded places.
Others maybe watching your keyboard to see what you are typing and find your password.

Using simple passwords.
Using simple or easy to remember passwords can be hacked easily.
Always try to use passwords with words and numbers (alpha-numeric)

Hacking softwares such as key loggers on certain PCs There are some softwares that are available in the market that detect your keystrokes on the keyboard
They are called Key loggers.
Using this the hacker can get your userid and password easily.
Check the PC at the cafe to find any weird software.
Tell the cafe host to run anti-key logger software.
- Example: http://www.spywarebegone.com– This is a free anti-key logger software.

Disclosing Userids
Some lose their accounts by disclosing their userid and password to other players inside the game who impersonate as A3 Officials.
As a practice A3 Officials will never request you for your User ID and passwords.
Many times your personal details will be requested to be updated on the profile page directly.
Ø We strongly recommend that all users fill in their details accurately in the profile. Providing default information makes it easier for hackers to take control of your account.


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